At the age of 29 I am more than 7 years working in the area as a Designer, with deep experience in branding and visual systems (UI). Acquiring skills in structuring, creating, evaluating and questioning graphic projects.

Currently focused on developing UX and UI strategies for websites and apps. Looking for in practice agile methodologies for the development of new projects.

My work process


When starting a project, I try to understand business objectives, analyzing corporate reports, checking for pre-modeled assumptions and or talking to stakeholders to understand their needs. I check for interviews or user data where I can get an overview of the customer. In my early days at the company, I try to do competitive analysis and do some benchmarking to understand how other companies behave.


This step includes the creation of user flows and wireframes in tools like Figma or Adobe XD after the development of the wireframes I perform some tests with the user so that we can validate the idea. After this step I try to apply the UI and generate a consistent design system based on the company's identity.


The last part of my process would be the handoff for the developers. I try to do A / B tests in this part, whenever possible. I also analyze analytics data, making reviews to share with the team and validating whether we need to make adjustments or not.

My experience


Conta Azul

2020 → Currently

Wiser Educação

2016 → 2020

Somos Educação

2015 → 2016

Grupo WDM

2013 → 2015


Agile Manager Training - Alura

2020 → 2020

Design System & Ops - Meiuca Design

2020 → 2020

Graphic Design - Redhook School

2015 → 2015

Bachelor of Design - Unibrasil

2010 → 2015

Side projects


Project developed in partnership with Designer Willian Knack, where we discussed about the parallels of life trying to generate correlations and understand the meaning of things, with varied themes but always putting the look of a designer on the theme.

Coming soon.

Will T-shirts

Project where I develop t-shirts with different themes to train and test other types of techniques.

Discovery the models.

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